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In 2011, Mr. Thomas turned the property over to his son and daughter-in-law, Kurt & Char Thomas. Since Elmer Thomas doesn't believe in retirement, he often is still found helping to maintain the property. Kurt & Char have added their personal touches with the renovation of the Thomas suite and the front sitting room. Their constant updating and attention to detail keeps this historic property a beautiful destination.

It is the Thomas family's desire that this property provide a warm and welcoming place for folks to find a respite from the stress of life.

"When you choose to stay with us, we hope you have an enjoyable and memorable time and that you feel the peace and presence of God at Our Inn. We have a wonderful staff to greet and assist you with anything you may need. We trust that when you arrive as guests, you depart as friends.

May God Bless You and Keep you in His care,
Kurt & Char Thomas and family

History of the Inn

The original home was built in 1909 and still boasts original chestnut woodwork.
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Inn exterior
From the first steps onto the Inn & Spa's property, you know a rich history lies here. The original home was built in 1909 and still boasts original chestnut woodwork. Mr. Samuel Futer built the home for John and Mary Leaman., a local Mennonite couple. Mr. Futer also was the builder of the first bank in Intercourse, this building is situated at the Y intersection in the center of the village. The original bank building now houses the Military Edged Weapons Museum.
At some point in our Inn's history, the original home was reportedly rented to a physician, named Dr. Johnson and also two dentists named Dr. Robert Chain and Dr. Appleyard. These doctors practiced their professions for the Amish Community in the quaint country village of Intercourse for many years. Evidence of the dental chair and water lines were found during the large renovation process. Old carpet was removed to reveal tobacco paper, used to keep dampness from the basement seeping into the upstairs. Below the tobacco paper there was the large unpainted section of the floor outlining where the dental chair would have been placed.

The original owner's daughter, married Ezra Zimmerman. Their son, Willis L. Zimmerman was the proprietor of W.L.Zimmerman Hardware and grocery store located across the street from the Inn. Their son Elmer Zimmerman and his family bought this house and made it their home until his retirement. At that time they put the house for sale at public auction in 1993.

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Elmer H. Thomas and his wife Ruth Ann, had a vision for this property and purchased it at the auction. Mr. Thomas restored the house back to its original elegance and transformed it into a beautiful new Bed and Breakfast for the Village of Intercourse. The house is of brick construction set on a high foundation to allow for lots of light to shine in the basement. The outside windowsills and lintels are from Indiana Limestone and have been maintained in mint condition. The original windows were composed of large panes of glass rather than the more frequently used smaller panes. At the time it was recognized that large panes of glass represented a home of a more well to do family. The deep windowsills and interior trim work is crafted from rich chestnut wood.
Fortunately, the house was built before the blight destroyed most of the chestnut trees in the area. All of the wood has been preserved in its original condition. Every room was brilliantly designed and furnished to reflect the time period, yet remain welcoming for guests. In fact you will notice the names of the rooms in the house reflect the folks who either lived in or owned the property over the years (Leaman, Johnson, Zimmerman and the grand Thomas suite).

Concluding the renovation of the Victorian House, the construction of three new homestead buildings began. After careful planning, meticulous decorating; and creative landscaping, the first Bed and Breakfast to be located in the Village of Intercourse was open for business in June 1998.

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living room
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In 2002 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas added to the rear of the property a Wedding Garden with gazebo, water fountain and outdoor sound system. The first wedding took place in June of the same year. In 2005 they added a spa to the Inn, and the name was changed from the Intercourse Village Bed and Breakfast Suites to the Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village. The spa was the first of its kind in the small town.