Amish Country Handcrafted Cheese

When you come to Lancaster County, you’ll soon see that the locals love their cheese. And it’s easy to figure out why. With all the dairy farms around, the Amish and Mennonite have figured out that making cheese can supplement their income in ways previously not understood. Bonus, the locals have had the extreme pleasure of enjoying their handiwork. While here, be sure to stop by September Farms, a true cheese venue with a restaurant making wonderful food with their cheese. From there, go to the Central Market in downtown Lancaster where you will find both Linden Dale Farms Cheesemaking some of the best soft-ripened cheese around. Also at the Central Market you will find a “Farm Fromage” stand where you will find many of the local offerings including Misty Creek Dairy. Amos is the proud owner of Misty Creek, a goat's milk dairy farm that you can go to, taste his cheese, see his goats and talk with his family.